Group Events

Whether it be a group tour, company outing, or festive celebration, we can help make it a special event to remember.

Train rides provide an unusual, fun, and memorable event everyone will talk about for years. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a great experience for your group!

We provide a wide range of private rentals to group tour operators, corporate entities, motor coach tours, family and military reunions, church groups, senior living outings, wedding and birthday celebrations, and private charters.

We offer private bookings year round. Please make your reservation at least three months ahead of time, and up to one year in advance.

Custom Experiences

For some group bookings, we may be able to offer certain custom experiences.  During our trips, light music is played in the background as well as an occasional informational dialogue detailing some pieces of history associated with the railroad and the areas we travel through.


There is no discount for group bookings. To book an entire train car, the fee is priced the same as if you bought 34 individual seats at $120 a seat. All tickets are subject to a 5.3% Virginia sales tax as well as a 1.5% ticket-processing fee. For further details, call 434-391-9772.

Please click here to initiate the group tour booking process. Once your information has been submitted, we will reply via email.

Get Your Ticket To Ride

Aboard the Virginia Scenic Railway, you’ll get a front-row seat to some of Virginia’s prettiest views, including the legendary Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Depending on the excursion you choose, you’ll roar through tunnels, speed over bridges, race past scenic fields and forests, and climb over mountains.